Jul 22, 2010

And the name is...

We have officially decided this new little baby boy's name will be Evan Spencer Jackson! We are so excited for him to come in November and its now seeming more real now that he has a name. I also had some awesome coupons for Joann's so I went out and bought some letters to put up in the kids room. I did the same thing for Lexi so now the new baby has some too! You cant really tell in the picture but the sides of the letters are a bright green and I love those colors because 1) I love bright colors and 2) Lexi and Evan will be sharing a room so these colors go with the bedding I want for his crib and the colors in Lexi's room. I'm so excited!

Jul 15, 2010


So yesterday all of us (Kim, Nat, Rachel and My Mom) and all the kids went to the Goodyear splash park. Everyone had so much fun! My shoulders, chest and a little of my back got totally fried because i was so worried about Lexi getting burnt i forgot to put on sun screen for myself. oops... Also i was putting all of our stuff down after putting sunscreen on the kids and all of a sudden the strap of my swim suit completely snapped off the back! So with a little help and creativity from my mom we converted my strappy swim suit into a halter top at the splash park! :-) Here are some pictures from our day of fun...
Kolsen wanted me to help him get under the dump buckets. This also counts as my 20 week belly shot :-)

I was surprised how well Lexi did. She hates getting water in her face in the tub but she loved every minute of it.
She was a little nervous to get dumped but mommy got dumped too which made it so much more fun!
Stomping on the water shooting out of the ground... such fun!
Playing in the water tunnel
Running through the water tunnel
Splish Splash
This is my only complaint about kids swimwear.... She had a CONSTANT WEDGIE the entire time and kept having to pull it out. LoL
LEXI POSE! I like this picture because the shadow looks cool plus it just sums up Lexi... :-)

We had so much fun and are already planning on going back with daddy! :-)

Jul 11, 2010

Baby Names

Ok so here is my dilemma... as you can see i have posted a poll about baby names (i have also text my friends who don't usually check my blog and asked their opinion and it was a tie). I keep going back and forth between the 2 and Spencer isn't being much help. He just keeps giving me the "we have 4 months to pick a name" bit and he wont give me his opinion other then he has said he likes both of those names. I love them both! So i have looked up the meanings of both the names and here's what they mean:
Evan-God is Good
They both have good meanings so that didn't help much. His middle name will be Spencer but that also sounds good with both names (Evan Spencer Jackson or Brayden Spencer Jackson). I like the name Evan because i think its a very classic name and i have always liked it. I like to name Brayden too because its different and i don't know very many kids named that. Lexi likes both names and it depends on the day which name i think we are going to choose. I have also double checked on both my side and Spencer's side and none of our relatives have those names that i know of, which is a good thing. I am stuck... Spencer does have a point that we have a few months to decide, but its just that with Lexi there was no questions that was her name from the very beginning and with this little boy its been harder. I am just kind of ranting because i am hoping that voicing my opinions will help me to decide which one i like more...... i don't like decisions......

Jul 2, 2010

To my wonderful husband...



I want to thank you for everything you do and have done for our family. I am grateful for each and every day I get to spend with you and I love you more then I can ever say. I know these last 5 years have not been easy but I wouldn't trade them for the world. I think because of our trials it has made our relationship so much stronger and I appreciate it much more. We have made a beautiful little girl and have a wonderful little boy on the way and I couldn't even begin to imagine having this joy with anyone but you. I love you with all of my heart and I hope to have many more years to show you how much I mean that. I LOVE YOU!

With Love,