Nov 26, 2008

Cute video from a long and stressful day!

OK so yesterday was one of the worst days EVER. i don't want to get too into it but i was stressed out from work, having a bad hair/body image day, I'm PMSing and i got pulled over on the way home from work (10 minutes from my moms house) and got a ticket and now we have to fork out an arm and a leg to get it dealt with. so my AMAZING parents took Lexi for the night so i had one less thing to worry about. so i guess she was in a silly mood because she did this (what shes doing in the video) for like over an hour with my dad. my mom said Lexi was just giggling really hard the whole time. anyways it cheered me up this morning and thought y'all would enjoy it!

Nov 24, 2008

The Straw Hat!

Ok just as a little background for this story... lexi loves hats. You can ask jake (her 22 year old bf ;-> ) or spencer. she'll take them and put them on her then on you... everything about them she loves.

Ok so she was over at my moms yesterday while i was at work and she found my dads straw hat that has the little neck strap to keep it on that he uses to do yard work and was wearing it around the backyard. She was running around saying "i'm a cowboy i'm a cowboy!" she was having so much fun playing with it and then (i dont remember how) but it fell off. the strap was still around her neck so the hat just fell on her back so she looked up at my mom and said " I'M A TURTLE!!!" i was absolutely cracking up when my mom told me that. she has such a vivid imagination it just bring a smile to my face every day! well that story made my day and just thought id share it with you guys!

Nov 4, 2008


ok here are some pictures from halloween and in one of the pictures lexi's face looks kind of dirty but i swear its just silver glitter. hehehe ENJOY!!!

Lexi's Birthday

ok so first off i don't feel like it's been long enough since she's been born. it doesn't feel like it's been 2 years. she is such a wonderful little girl i have loved every minute of life with her since she has joined our family. she is so stinkin hilarious ALL THE TIME it makes life so much more fun. well we had everyone over to my moms house on her birthday (the 25th) and had pizza and opened presents. she got some really fun stuff. we got her a "big girl bed" sheet and comforter set (which we wont get to use for a little while cuz we bought a toddler bed for $25 but that's beside the point.) you can kind of see it in one of the pictures below... she also got a Mr. Potato Head which she has named Mr. Funny Head. and she got a couple puzzles and a SUPER CUTE little framed scrapbook page that Carrie made for her. oh, and the Jackson's got something for her i didn't even think about...... she got some princess dress up clothes and LOVES THEM. if she finds it she has to wear it and gets mad at me when i try to take them off. its so stinkin cute. i wish we would have been video taping her when she tryed it on for the first time cuz as soon as we put it on her she screamed LOOK AT ME!!! it was absolutely the funniest thing i think shes ever done. she was totally serious too. she wanted everyone there to see how beautiful of a princess she was. she had a lot of fun at the party and got some really cute stuff. and of course theres blowing out the (cuz i was a scatter brain and didn't bring cake mix) the birthday brownie! she thought she was supposed to evedentally spit the candle out but finally she got how to do it and did it in one blow. in the picture at the bottom you can kind of see her spit flying past the candle. thought that was kind of funny.