Aug 21, 2010

Our Project

So with me now being a stay at home mom i have gotten so much done in my house. Honestly i have cleaned my entire house top to bottom including organizing the kids room, pantry and my closet. With all that being done i was having a hard time finding things to do around my house. We had found a side table next to the dumpster in front of our apartment about a year ago and haven't really done anything with it. It was ugly and a little scratched but the table itself has a nice style and didn't have anything majorly wrong with it. i have been trying to figure out what to do with it but never found an idea i loved. Now that I'm home most of the day i got tired of looking at the ugly table so i was thinking of ideas of what to do with it. So i found a picture online of a branch with cherry blossoms (our front rooms is kind of a "around the world" theme so it matched with some of our more Asian decor) that i loved so i brought it home to Spencer and told him that's what i wanted on the table. I sanded down the entire table and painted the legs and top the solid colors i wanted and Spencer painted the design on the top. It turned out so good and our grand total on the table was only about $20 including supplies and the paints so i think it was a great find and I'm so happy with how it turned out. Here are some pictures of the before and after.

Here is the table before. I started sanding the top and one of the legs before i realized i needed a before picture so it did look a little better than this originally
Here is the top after a little bit of sanding.
Here is the table before the design. It took quite a few coats to get the coverage we wanted from the red and tan and it looks a little more orange in this picture. Its like a lipstick red.
Here is a picture of Spencer starting the design. The only caption that fits the look on his face is "you're dumb" :-) he thought i was being silly and didn't need to take a picture of him painting it but oh well... i did it anyway! :-)

Here is the finished product! It turned out awesome and the gloss coat we used on top of that made it super easy to wipe off and its has a nice glossy finish.

i am so happy with how it turned out and i also love that Spencer got to use his talents on something in our house. He is a very talented artist and i wish i can do more to get him back into it so i may find another few "projects" he can help with! :-)