Oct 24, 2008

Our crazy little life!!!

OK so its been over a month since I've blogged and i apologize. it's just been kind of crazy. OK so I'll start from the last time i blogged. well we are still trying to potty train and shes getting better and better each day. even more crazy than her potty training is the fact that she'll be 2 TOMORROW!!!! I'm so excited. these past 2 years seem to have just flown by! Spencer is doing good, hes trying to get on the corrections department so keep your fingers crossed for us. as for me?!? where do i start. i am not at super cuts anymore. i am sad to not be working in a salon anymore but i am very happy at my new job. i still plan on doing hair on the side and whenever possible so i can keep up on my skills. [so if you need your hair done and you would like me to do it at your house or mine call me ;-) ] as far as my new job i work for Gorenter.com as a scanner/file clerk/whatever else needs to get done girl ;-) . it is kind of different working with mostly family, plus the fact that the most staff I've ever worked with was 6 other girls. so 1. having guys working with me and 2. having that many peoples names to remember is something I've had to adjust to. i really enjoy where i work and everyone there. OH OH OH and I'm A PROUD AUNTIE OF LITTLE RYLEN CLEA CHRISTIANSEN!!! autumn had her baby yesterday around noon she weighs 6lbs 5oz and was 18 in. long. she's so stinking cute i cant wait to see her at Christmas time! well i think that's everything. if i don't blog before then everyone have a happy Halloween!!!