May 19, 2010

Spencer has one less organ...

OK so the surgery was almost a week ago and Spencer is doing great. The surgery was only about an hour long and it went really smoothly with no complications. He is still a little uncomfortable and one of his incisions is still pretty painful but hes recovering well. Today was his first day back to work so we will see how that goes. He has his 2 week follow up next wednesday so we will hopefully find out everything is ok and the problems hes been having is fixed. thanks for everyone who called to check on him.

May 5, 2010

Ultrasound and a Surgery...

Baby Jackson at 10 weeks
Here is the 2nd ultrasound Ive gotten on our new bundle of joy. The first one you cant really even see the baby so i didn't post it (Sorry this one is kind of fuzzy too its a cell phone picure of a picture.) The tech was checking on the heartbeat and got a quick picture for me. The baby has a very strong heartbeat and is measuring right along with where it should be. Its so fun because it actually looks like a baby now so Lexi was so excited when Spencer showed her the picture. She told him that when mommy's tummy gets big enough it will turn into a door and the baby will walk out.... she has quite an imagination. Instead of telling her the gory details of what REALLY happens i'll let her think my tummy is a door. :-) She is so fun and you can tell she is really excited about this baby. It is starting to seem real and we are all very excited.

And now about the surgery... Spencer has been struggling with stomach problems for about a year now. I will spare you the details but after lots of testing it looks like he is going to have his Gall Bladder removed next Thursday. Its not a major surgery and it should only take about a week, maybe less, to heal up and the doctor said he should feel better almost immediately. The doctor said they can do it Laparoscopicly (sorry if i spelled that wrong); he said they will make 1 cut above his belly button and 3 just under his rib cage and they wont be very big. The surgery itself should only take about an hour and if everything goes well he should be able to leave the hospital the same day. I am nervous because I'm a worrier but we are both glad there will be an end in sight for his pain. Keep him in your prayers and i will let you know how everything goes.