Sep 19, 2009

Quick Update

Hey everyone sorry it has been forever since I've posted. It seems like i don't have time for anything anymore!!! lol here's a couple updates.

Well on the 26Th of this month will be 6 months since he has started working for DOC. He loves his jobs and has had some pretty good stories com out of it. It is hard on him but i love him being able to do something he is proud of and enjoys. Me and Lexi miss him when hes gone but love it more when hes home!

Lexi is still the crazy silly little girl she always has been. She will be 3 next month (crazy i know) but it seems like she has been in our lives for a lot longer than 3 years. She is such a bundle of energy and keeps me on my toes. We are still trying to potty train and are slowly fazing in her "big girl panties". She has Minnie mouse, princess and Tinkerbell panties and LOVES THEM!!! lol Its silly that something so little makes her happy but it has helped her because she doesn't want to get any of them yucky! We have had a few accidents but for the most part she is doing really well. But we are still having to work on her telling us BEFORE she has to tinkle! :-P

Nothing to exciting on my end. I'm still at Gorenter as the receptionist and not much else is going on right now. My car broke down twice in the last 6 weeks and we have had to put a lot of money in it to fix it but besides that not much is happening with me.

I will try and post some updated pictures of us when i get them. Yhat's all for now! :-)