Apr 17, 2009

Birthday, Graduation and Lots of Partying!!

22 years ago on April 15th i was born into this great world.... lol I love birthdays! Everyone is always nice to you and you get free stuff! My morning started out really nice i got up out of bed got ready and got Lexi up and dressed and got to my moms house earlier then i should have. I for some reason got their over half an hour before i had to leave. I don't know why i got up and ready so early and/or why i thought i had to but i did! lol I get there and my mom was making me German pancakes (MY FAVORITE) but little did i know that was just a distraction! I finish breakfast and go out and to my surprise my car has been written all over! It says "your hott", "honk its my birthday" (i got 3 honks and a big wave!) "I'm 22 today"!! I loved it! So i call into KMLE to request a song and Tim and Willy sang happy birthday to me! I have it recorded and will see if my dad can help me post in on here. It was so cool they actually played it on the radio! Then i get to work and i find a donut on my desk from one of my friends at work so i got a second breakfast. The day went by pretty smooth. Lots of compliments and well wishes and then after me and a few of my work friends went out to miracle mile i get another surprise. One of the guys had bought me this brownie cake thing that was dipped in chocolate frosting from Karsh's bakery. YUM!!! Then i got off work a little early had dinner with my family and had MORE chocolate! It was defiantly not a day for diets! lol So tomorrow me and Spencer are celebrating by going out with a few couples for an evening at Dave and Busters! I'm so excited. ALSO as a birthday present from the Jackson family i am treating myself to a massage at lavenders day spa tomorrow morning! I'm SO excited for that too! :-)

OK so the biggest hurdle for Spencer is over... HE PASSED HIS PHYSICAL TEST!!! We were really worried about it because of how bad his shin splints got but he called me yesterday around 8:15 to tell me he passed. We are all so proud of him and i am SO glad its almost over! He comes home tonight and this is the last weekend he will have to go back to Tucson. I'm so excited to have a husband again! :) he graduates next Friday and I'm sure we are both ready for this to be all over! these 9 weeks have gone by slow and fast at the same time! I'm so proud of Spencer for all that he has accomplished and i love him with all my heart. 1 more week and he gets to have a career he truly enjoys!

Now for the partying.... For those of you that want to come we are having a party for Spencer's graduation from the academy. It will be at my moms house at 6:30, SATURDAY the 25th. We will be having dinner and snacks so please let me know if you coming so we know how many people to cook for. Lori and Anthony are coming down so they will be there too if you want to stop by and say hi. We are so excited to celebrate Spencer and would love to see any of you who would like to come! Any questions call me 623-680-4507. Thanks guys!