Oct 29, 2010

Best target trip EVER!!!

OK so for one of my shower gifts i got a target gift card so today me and my mom went up to the target on happy valley and as we are finishing our taco bell in my moms car i see this....
ITS WALDO!! We started laughing but this picture was a little far away so we finished our lunch as fast as we could and almost ran into target to try and get a better picture. Never in my life did i think that i would be playing wheres waldo in real life at target. We were giggling through most of the store till we found him!

He took off his beanie but we were laughing so hard the entire time so it made everything worth it. I took this with my phone and i felt so silly because it makes noise when it takes a picture so i had to take it then run away. My mom kept joking we should have asked him to put the beanie back on and peak around the corner of one of the aisles so we can take a picture of him. Needless to say this was probably the best target trip EVER!!!

Oct 21, 2010

Playing catch up...

Ok so I'm a bad blogger... a lot has happened in the past few weeks and i haven't blogged any of it yet... :-P. So my shower was a couple weeks ago and it was so much fun! A lot of people were out of town but we had a good turn out and i got a lot of cute stuff. 1st off i would like to thank my mom and sisters for being awesome and throwing me the shower. Natalie and Kim made me the cutest cake EVER for the shower and it even had his name on it. I LOVED IT!!
Here is a picture of a couple stuft animals Kim crocheted for Evan. They are so soft and cuddly cute i loved the how cute they turned out!
Here is a picture of my and my moms craftiness! :-) We sewed this "car seat canopy" without a pattern and it turned out really cute for neither of us knowing what we were doing. lol My mom is good with the sewing machine and i knew what i wanted so between the 2 of us i think we did pretty awesome.
On Tuesday my mom and dad came over to our house to bring the crib. i was able to get Lexi's room a little re-organized before hand so things would fit a little better but i was still worried it would be too crowded with 2 dressers 2 beds and a toy box but everything fits perfect. These pictures were taken from the doorway of the kids room so you have some perspective on how perfect everything fits. this is Lexi's bed and the polka dots are her closet. the brown dresser is going to be Evans (you can see the bottom of his car seat on top) and that is half of the toy box.

Here is the other half of the toy box and the white dresser is Lexi's dresser and of coarse there's the crib for Evan. Its a tight squeeze but everything fits and it doesn't feel too crowded and that's all that matters.

Here is a close-up of Evans sheets and bumper. i love the pattern of the sheets because the animals are so bright and happy looking and the colors match really well with the other colors in Lexi's room so it worked out perfectly.
As for me I'm about ready to be done being pregnant. It doesn't help that I now have everything ready for him to be here and i still have about 4 weeks till hes going to be here. i talked to my doctor and i should find out this week or next when I'm going to be induced. he said they are going to induce me on the 15th and they are going to call me once they get everything scheduled. I'm so excited for him to be here and its starting to feel more real since we have all our baby stuff back in our house. I have Lexi's party, another baby shower that my visiting teacher is throwing me on the 28th then Halloween and a couple doctors appointments (my OB, Lexi's yearly and my cardiologist) and after that all I'll have to do is wait for Evan. I'm excited that I'll be at least a little bit busy for the next couple weeks to help time go by a little faster.