Apr 20, 2011

Family Pictures

OK... so we have been married for almost 6 years and have only had family pictures done once. So, for my birthday this year i asked for family pictures now that Evan is a little bigger. We had Michelle Johnson do them and they turned out AMAZING! (if you want her number or email leave a comment and I'll get it to you.) Here they are.

We went to Marley park to take the pictures and the park was so beautiful and the grass was very green and pretty.

This is the first picture of just the two of us we have done since our engagement pictures.
Daddy and the kids.
Mommy and the kids.
I wasn't too sure about the yellow wall but i think it turned out really pretty.

Lexi is so photogenic and a beautiful little girl. She kept getting mad at Michelle because "her name was Rapunzel not Lexi" so she re-edited this picture with that caption at the bottom. It made me laugh when i saw that.

Evan's face in this picture makes me giggle but at least he is looking at the camera.

My 2 beautiful baby's! And of coarse Evan's fingers are in his mouth... like always! :-)

There are also a couple more pictures on the top of the right side column.

Evans blessing

Evans blessing was so beautiful! Spencer did an amazing job and we were so lucky to have the Jacksons down to spend time with us and be a part of his big day. Thank you to everyone who came and here are some pictures of our familys from before the blessing.