Sep 2, 2008

A Very Proud Mommy

It's kind of funny but i have never been so excited about someone going potty on the toilet in my life!!! Yesterday me and Spencer both had the day off but while he was at the gym Lexi decided to go hide in the vanity area and try to poop in peace. When i found her a minute later she says "Mommy I'm Pooping" so i got her on the potty as fast as i could and closed the door a little bit so she could have her privacy and SHE WENT POOP ON THE BIG GIRL POTTY!!! I was so proud... like i said before, its silly for being proud of poop but I'm proud of her. After that every time i took her to go potty she went! She has also gone both times i took her today!!! I think her problem before was that i would sit next to her and try to kind of cheer her on but i think she doesn't like to be watched while shes on the potty. It seems to be working so lets hope she stays on the right track. I'm so proud and so happy that soon we won't have to deal with diapers anymore!!! HOORAY!!!