Jan 8, 2011

It took almost 2 years but the dreaded day happened....

Spencer got assaulted by an inmate on Wednesday afternoon. He called me around 5 or 6 and let me know he was involved with a fight at work and was punched int he face. From my understanding a Mexican-American inmate was refusing to lock down and so when the officer tried to cuff him he started fighting and then the rest of the Mexican-Americans in there joined in the fight. If i remember right Spencer said there were about 8 inmates and 6 officers involved. His captain was punched in the jaw and a couple of the other officers got body shots but Spencer got the worst of it. As he was trying to get the inmate off his captain he swung back around and clocked Spencer right in the face. He was also covered in pepper spray since he was spraying everyone in sight to try and stop the fight. There were a bunch of other inmates out of their cells so if the other race groups wanted to get involved in sure that one of the officers probably would have been seriously hurt which is scary to think about. I was able to get a few pictures of his face so here they are.
Wednesday night at the hospital
His face was really swollen and Spencer said it was hard to see out of his left eye. He had a couple other big bumps on his head and had a really had headache but besides that he said he felt fine. They sent him to the hospital just to make sure everything was ok since he was hit in the face pretty hard. The doctor said he didn't have a concussion and there were no scratches or anything on his eye. They sent him home with some pain pills and told him they recommended he not go back to work for a few days since he would be on pain pills and was having a hard time seeing.

Friday Morning
He is feeling much better but he says its still a little tender. This picture doesn't do it justice thought, most of that side of his face is pretty green and his eyelid is really dark.
It could have been much worse so I'm so grateful he just got punched in the face, as horrible as that sounds. He could have been seriously hurt or even killed so I'm grateful him and the guys he works with were able to get it under control before it went too far. I love Spencer and I'm glad hes ok but his face will just be a little colorful for the next few weeks. :-)


Brooke Brooks said...

Oh how scary! I'm glad he is okay and it wasnt worse.

Amber said...

How scary! Glad that he is ok.

thesvancaras said...

holy CRAP!!!! That is scary!