Dec 5, 2008

Best Buddies

Ok so i went over to my friend Jenna's to do each others hair. (ILOVE MINE BTW) I brought Lexi along because their little girly is about the same age as her. When we got there it took Ashtyn a few minutes to warm up to her but after she did they were like best friends the whole night. Lexi loved having a little friend that she could play with. They went and got out the dress shoes and played together in Ashtyns room with all her cool toys. And then there are these pictures which are so stinkin cute i love them!!!

This one is when they were eating their suckers (which Ashtyn so kindly shared) and watching "Po" (kung fu panda)

This is them having goldfish crackers and carrying they're babies around... ADORABLE!!!

And this was after they jumped on the bed for a little while they cuddled up together and thought they were so funny!

they had so much fun that lxi crashed assoon as we got home! its nice having an excuse to go over to a friends house!!! "I have to go see jenna cuz lexi wants to go play with ashtyn." ;-) i love it.